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The Stara Refractor Telescope features a magnification of 45-675x and can be used for astronomical or terrestrial viewing. Find things faster with the 5x24mm finder scope. The Stara includes a green moon filter to reduce glare and enhance details while viewing the moon. Also included are a 3x Barlow lens to increase the magnification of the eyepieces and a 1.5x erecting lens for terrestrial viewing or a more natural stargazing.



  • Magnification: 45x to 675x
  • Aperture: 60mm
  • Focal Length: 900mm
  • Eye Pieces: H20mm (45x), H12.5mm (72x) and SR4mm (225x)
  • 3x Barlow Lens: H20mm 135x, H12.5mm 216x, SR4 675x
  • 1.5x erecting lens: H20mm 67.5x, H12.5mm 108x, SR4 337.5x
  • 5x24mm Finder Scope


The box includes a Stara Refractor Telescope, H20mm eyepiece, H12.5mm eyepiece, SR4mm eyepiece, 3x Barlow lens, 1.5x erecting lens, 5x24mm finder scope, tripod with accessory tray and instructions.

Stara Refractor Telescope

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