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Byrna Less Lethal 12-gauge Shotgun Round

The Byrna 12-gauge Round is a less lethal shotgun round that is made from a high grade PC-ABS polymer. These rounds can be used as less lethal pain compliance or to break the glass of a vehicle. The Byrna less lethal shotgun round will work with all 12-gauge shotguns that have a standard cylinder bore and improved cylinder bore choke.


  • much quieter than normal shotgun round, approximately 117 decibels

  • produces up to 20 joules of energy* which makes it capable of breaking a vehicle window

  • a muzzle velocity of up to 312 feet per second

  • effective range of up to 100ft

  • very little to almost no recoil

  • no gunpowder

*The kinetic version produces the most joules of energy.

Please Note: We highly the Byrna less lethal 12-gauge rounds be used with pump action shotguns. These rounds will not cycle a semi automatic shotgun as they do not contain gunpowder but they can be manually cycled and fired through most semi automatic shotguns. 

Kinetic rounds are available now but other projectile versions are coming soon.

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