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About Us

RGV SpyTek in coordination with New Life Family Church in McAllen
offers free bibles and prayer at your request.

RGV SpyTek is a unique walk-in retail store located in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, one of the farthest southern parts of the Great State of Texas.  RGV SpyTek sells a variety of state of the art spy devices, that include small audio recorders, nanny cams and a range of electronics to assist in any spy mission that is in search of truth, justice and facts.  In addition to spy devices we also offer home security systems, GPS real time trackers, stun guns, non-lethal weapons, tasers and high intensity flashlights.  RGV SpyTek has been in business serving the citizens of the Rio Grande Valley since 2008.  RGV SpyTek is a Christian owned business operated by Ricardo "Ric" Tamez and Senior Associate JoeDavid Guzman.  


RGV SpyTek's Mission Statement is to help find truth, protect life, bring peace of mind and excellent service to those we contact in our daily operations.

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