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  • accuracy up to 100ft with Byrna's patented Fin-Tailed technology
  • up to 20 joules of energy which makes it capable of breaking a vehicle window
  • a muzzle velocity of up to 312 feet per second
  • no gun powder so it is quieter than regular shotgun shells and has virtually no recoil
  • compatible with all 12 gauge shotguns that have a standard cylinder bore and improved cylinder bore choke



Please be advised RGV SpyTek will not be responsible or liable for the use of any device purchased from us that is inconsistent with local, state or federal laws. It is your responsibility to become familiar with laws governing personal safety devices in your area and consult with a legal professional in your area if you have any questions or do not understand the laws.

Kinetic Less Lethal 12 Gauge Round [Box of 10]

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